What Payment method accepted?

Currently, We are only accepting payments through PayPal 

secured gateway.

Is the Payment process Secured?

 Yes, all payments are accepted through PayPal secured gateway.


Are refunds a possibility?

No, as soon as the payment is received you will get instant access to all tests.

Before taking paid registration, we would advise you to take sample tests provided.

All paid registrations are final.

How are test results communicated?

     Test results are sent automatically to the email provided at the time of registration.

Parents can log in at any time and see the analytics.

Can we download the tests?

     No, All our content is copyright protected , copying in any form and reproducing is not permitted.

What is A4Ace?

 A4Ace is a testing platform. It provides mock tests and its related practice questions with a paid subscription.

How is it helpful?

Students can practice with time-based tests simulating the actual test.

Platform provides in-dept analytics for student performance, with time and subject areas

It gives students an opportunity to identify areas on need to improve their skills

Parents also can track their activities and see their child's progress.

What type of tests & test series are offered?

As a launch, we have launched TJ Quant Q math practice tests and practice questions

we will be releasing the below tests soon:

    IAAT (IOWA prep)


   Competitive Math Group 1(Grades 2-3)

   Competitive Math Group 2(Grades 4-5)

   Competitive Math Group 3(Grades 6-7)  






    SOL tests (Grades 3 - 8 and Algebra 1)

& Many more STEM SCHOOLs entrance exam practice tests in various states across USA.

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How do we contact you?

 You can contact us through

  Email: mathknots.help@gmail.com any time.

 or call us @ 571-594-3440 

Is Registration free ?

Yes, Registration to the platform is free and students can take free tests.

How do I find tests or test series after registration ?

Once registration is completed, on dashboard you will have an option to enable 'Settings'

Once required category is enabled, all available tests & test series under those categories will be visible.

Free tests are available instantly to take a sneak peak.

Premium packages Subscriptions need to be taken.

Click on the package you will be directed towards the payment gate way paypal.

After Payment is completed CLICK ON RETURN TO MERCHANT.

This is important for the payment to be processed and you can access the content instantly.


Can I upgrade existing package to other package ?

No, You cannot upgrade from one package to another.

Currently, our system doesn't support automatic upgrades.

We advise you to pay attention to packages before purchasing.

Please contact us to find out more information or help.

Can the parent add and remove children?

Yes, Parents can add their children and remove them.

They can also track each child performance by navigating to test Analytics.

Can the parent assign required tests to children ?

Yes, Parents can assign free or premium tests and test series to their children once children are enrolled.

Premium tests require a subscription.

Click on the package you will be directed towards the payment gate way paypal.

After Payment is completed CLICK ON RETURN TO MERCHANT.

This is important for the payment to be processed and you can. access the content instantly.

Can a parent subscribe to one test or test series and assign to more than one child?

No, parents can assign tests or test series to 1 child at a time. If there are more than 1 child enrolled for parent, each child required to have their own subscription.



How do we reset the password?

We have a password reset option, as a registered user, you can reset the password yourself.

Is our personal information collected safe?

Yes, all the data is highly secured

We do not sell or give your personal information to any third party's and used only for Math-Knots / A4Ace platforms.

All data calls are encripted.

Passwords are encripted and stored in database

We do not store any pay ment information in our database.

How does test proctoring work?

As soon as the students finish the test, its graded and results are displayed.

Students can view the key and correct their mistakes.

Can the students retake the tests?

    Absolutely, they can retake the tests as many times as they want.

Our analytics will show how many times you have taken the test and the time spent as well.

This will give you an overview of your strengths and weakness

Is there a specific time to take the tests?

  Students can take the tests at any time from the comfort of the home untill the last day of subscription.

 Once registered and fees are paid you will have instant access to the entire test set package selected.

How can the student improve from their mistakes?

   Students can purchase the practice Questions package (PQ) : Bronze,  Silver or  Gold

   Our practice questions data sets reinforce the basic concepts to overcome the areas of weakness and reinforce the areas of strength.

Do you offer any bulk discounts?

Institutes can e-mail us with the requirement to consider.