What is Middle School PAARC Testing

PAARC assessments were built to assess the mastery of Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The mathematics assessment contains multi-step problems that require mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Test scores define the level of mastery on the key grade level concepts aligned to common core standards of the state

PARCC Question Types

Students can expect to encounter three types of questions on the PARCC test:

  • Type I – Questions assessing concepts, skills, and procedures. These questions test the core concepts, fluency, and their mathematical applications.
  • Type II – Questions assessing the expression of mathematical reasoning. Students are expected to show detailed steps of solving ( these demonstrate their understanding and application of concepts)
  • Type III – These are based on mathematical modeling and applications of core concepts in a In the given real-world context or scenario.

PARCC Math Assessments Grades 6–8 is aligned to common core standards