About Us

Gowri Vemuri

Founder, with over 30 years of experience in nurturing students at all grade levels, founded Math-Knots and published 60+ books. She is instrumental in conducting math competitions at national level

A4ACE is a branch of Math-Knots, for providing a platform for helping students to get ready for various competitive examinations.

MKAcademy is a branch of Math-Knots for students that are in need of Virtual or In person classes( in Fairfax location)

She has two Master’s degrees in Mathematics and Physics, is also a founder of NPO organization Shakti-us.

Ritvik Pothapragada

A sophomore  at University college of London, located in London. One of the co-founders of Math-Knots and A4ACE visionary idea. He was inspired by his previous preparation for these examinations and wanted these to benefit students at large.

As a co-founder, he has been instrumental in the content preparation of Math-Knots publications as well as for a4ace and its design. His hobbies include: Playing basketball, computer science, playing video games, working out, and more

Raksha Pothapragada

A Medical student  at George Town School of Medicine, located in Washington D.C.

One of the co-founders of Math-Knots and A4ACE visionary idea. Very passionate about writing, published poems in recognized student magazines during early education. She is a graduate of Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a major in molecular biology and a minor in creative writing. Completed her Masters from George Town University

At the University of Pittsburgh, she co-founded T.I.P to bring smiles to kids at Children’s Hospital Pittsburgh, Children’s Home Pittsburgh, The Woodlands Foundation, and other local pediatric facilities. She is guiding/teaching students at various levels including ACT/SAT and MCAT. She is instrumental in Math-Knots content development along with A4ACE. She co-founded Shakti-us, to help and build confidence in underprivileged women and girls..