Grade 5

A4Ace Grade level enrichment series covers the below topics along with detailed explanations.

We cover school curriculam and more , including challenge level questions. Content is divided across weeks aligned to school calender year. At the end of each unit students take assessments to measure their learning and test skills. All our practice sets and assessments can be taken any number of times within the one year subscription period. Your one stop enrichment place.

Level 5 Mathematics Curriculum 

 This covers Grade 5 and part of  Grade 6

Unit 1: Operations with Parts of a Whole

  • Recap of prime , composite, even and odd numbers
  • Recap of rounding ad place values
  • Finding multiples, factors ,GCF and LCM
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Simplifying fractions
  • Comparing fractions
  • Add and subtract simple fractions
  • Challenge level: Add and subtract fractions greater than one
  • Real-world problems on add and subtract fractions
  • Multiply and divide simple fractions
  • Challenge level: Multiply and divide fractions greater than one
  • Real-world problems
  • Assessment 1

Unit 2: Operations with Mixed Fractions

  • Converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers
  • Challenge level: Add and subtract mixed fractions
  • Challenge level: Add and subtract mixed fractions greater than one
  • Real-world problems
  • Assessment 2

Unit 3: Ratios and Proportions

  • Introduction to Ratios, Rates, and Proportions
  • Write a proportion given a situation or figure
  • Using scale drawings to find dimensions
  • Solving the proportion
  • Assessment 3

Unit 4: Percentages

  • Define Percent
  • Convert between Fractions, Decimals, and Percent’s
  • Compare Fractions, Decimals, and Percent’s
  • Find the percent of a number using equivalent fractions
  • Finding the percent of a number using proportions
  • Finding discount
  • Real-world problems
  • Assessment 4

Unit 5: Decimals

  • Naming decimal numbers
  • Rounding decimals to a given place value
  • Comparing and Ordering decimals
  • Expanded Form of a decimal number
  • Operations (add, subtract, multiply, divide) decimals
  • Real world problems with decimals
  • Order of Operations with fractions and decimals (mixed)
  • Order of Operations word problems with fractions and decimals (mixed)
  • Solve practical problems related to elapsed time in hours and minutes within a 24-hour period
  • Assessment 5

Unit 6 : Integers

  • Understanding Integers and using the number line
  • Compare and Order Integers
  • Absolute value and opposite Integers
  • Adding Integers using a number line and rules
  • Subtracting Integers using the number Line and rules
  • Multiplying Integers
  • Dividing Integers
  • Writing and solving expressions, using Integers
  • Simplifying basic expressions including integers
  • Simplifying positive and negative exponents (Basic Concept)
  • Introduction to square roots (perfect squares)
  • Multiplication/division properties of exponents
  • Simplifying positive and negative exponents
  • Converting between scientific notation and standard forms.
  • Order of Operations including integers
  • Writing and solving expressions using Integers
  • Assessment 6

Unit 7: Algebra; Solving Algebraic Equations

  • Variables and expressions, terms, and coefficients
  • Evaluate Expressions including numeric exponents
  • Evaluating Expressions using given values (includes exponents)
  • Learning/Recognizing algebraic vocabulary; parts of an expression/equation
  • Writing algebraic expressions/equation from phrases
  • Writing algebraic expressions/equation from word problems
  • Simplifying expressions
  • Find the missing value (variable) of an equation.
  • Solving 1-step equation using the algebraic method
  • Setting up and solving 1-Step equations from word problems
  • Using the distributive property
  • Setting up equation and solving word problems
  • Graph inequalities
  • Assessment 7

Unit 8: Probability and Statistics

  • Mean, Median, Mode, and Range
  • Line plots , dot plots , stem-leaf plots
  • Pie charts
  • Probability of an event occurrence
  • Assessment 8

Unit 9 : Measurement & Geometry

  • Discovering a plane: plotting points on a plane, labeling the parts of a plane
  • Labeling circle
  • Parts of a circle (center, radius, diameter, chord, tangent line) , parts of a triangle
  • Area and perimeter of circles, triangles, and rectangles
  • Properties of triangles
  • Finding the measurement of a missing angle
  • Recognizing and labeling a line, a line segment, and a ray
  • The student will investigate the sum of the interior angles in a triangle, quadrilateral and determine an unknown angle measure.
  • Recognize and apply transformations, such as translations ,reflections and rotations
  • Investigate and describe the results of combining and subdividing polygons
  • Recognizing Cubes, Prisms and Cylinders
  • Finding the volume of a given 3-D figure
  • Real world problems on time and elapsed time
  • Real world problems on metric conversions of length, mass, and volume
  • Assessment 9

Challenge Level

  • Challenge Problem set 1
  • Challenge Problem set 2
  • Quantitative Reasoning

Final Assessment 1

Final Assessment 2

Test Scores & Detailed Solutions :

 At the end of each practice or test, you can see score and can review your answers. In addition, the key also shows which answers were answered wrongly and by navigating through questions in key you can view solutions for each question. Your child can review the mistakes and learn from it. This will help in improving the test scores.

Students can take and retake the practice and tests as many times as needed.

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Students’ dashboard and Parent dashboard will show the Analytics on the number of times tests are taken and the time it took and more. This analysis will help them to practice more in the areas of need and improve the scores in real test.

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