Grade 8 and Honors

A4Ace Grade level enrichment series covers the below topics along with detailed explanations.

We cover school curriculam and more , including challenge level questions. Content is divided across weeks aligned to school calender year. At the end of each unit students take assessments to measure their learning and test skills. All our practice sets and assessments can be taken any number of times within the one year subscription period. Your one stop enrichment place.

Your one stop enrichment place.

 This series covers Grade 8 curriculum + Review of Grade 7 ( few topics)

Number System

  • Simplification of positive and negative Exponents using laws of exponents
  • Square Roots and cube roots
  • Square Roots estimation
  • Scientific Notation
  • Assessment 1

Review : Proportional Reasoning        

  • Are these proportional
  • What value makes these proportional
  • Proportional reasoning with unit rates 
  • Proportions using tables with rules 
  • Assessment 2

Review: Percentages   

  • Percent to decimal, Percent to Fraction conversions
  • Decimal to percentage, Fraction to percentage conversions
  • Order fractions , decimals , percentages
  • Find the percentage.
  • Find the part of a whole
  • Find whole of a part given percentage
  • Percentage Change
  • Discount , Mark up , Tax and Simple Interest
  • Challenge problems 
  • Assessment 3

Algebraic Applications          

  • Review: Simplify Positive and Negative exponents using laws of exponents
  • Review: Absolute values
  • Review: Evaluating numerical expressions
  • Review: Substitution and evaluating expressions
  • Review: Verbal Expressions
  • Assessment 4


  • Simplifying Expressions
  • One step equation
  • Two step equations
  • Multiple step equation solving
  • Linear equation solving using distributive property
  • Solving System of linear equations  
  • Absolute value equations
  • Assessment 5


  • Solving one step inequality
  • Solving two step inequalities
  • Solving multiple step inequalities
  • Inequalities graphing
  • Solving an Inequality
  • Assessment 6


  • Finding Slope, understanding zero  slope and undefined slopes
  • Functions, tables, and graphs
  • Direct and Inverse variations
  • Linear and non-linear functions
  • Increasing and decreasing functions.
  • Identifying and finding dependent variable for the given independent variable
  • Slope intercept form of straight line
  • Determine if two lines are parallel or perpendicular or neither
  • Finding missing coordinate , x-intercept, and y-intercept
  • Assessment 7

Review 2- D Geometry           

  • Review: Areas and Perimeters of 2-D figures of 2-D figures such as triangles, squares, rectangles, parallelogram ,trapezium ,circle, semicircle, and rhombus
  • Given Area or Perimeter find the missing length
  • Proportional increase and decrease of area proportional to dimensions change
  • Area and Perimeter of Complex Composite figures
  • Review: Pythagoras Theorem
  • Assessment 8

Geometry  & Measurement     

  • Dilations of a point , line, angle, and polygons
  • Reflections of a point , line, angle, and polygons
  • Rotations of a point , line, angle, and polygons
  • Translations of a point , line, angle, and polygons
  • Scatterplots and the line of best fit
  • Assessment 9
  • Missing angle measures : Triangles and quadrilaterals and other angle figures
  • Right angle triangle
  • Pythagoras Theorem and its converse
  • Review: Complementary and Supplementary Angles
  • Review: Adjacent and Vertical Angles
  • Volume of  : Cone , Sphere , Cylinder and Prisms
  • Surface Area of :  Cone , Sphere ,Cylinder and Prisms
  • Change of volume and Surface area based on the scale factor
  • Decomposing 3-D figure areas to smaller areas
  • Assessment 9

Challenge Level

  • Challenge Problem set 1
  • Challenge Problem set 2
  • Quantitaive Reasoning

Final Assessment 1

Final Assessment 2


Test Scores & Detailed Solutions :

 At the end of each practice or test, you can see score and can review your answers. In addition, the key also shows which answers were answered wrongly and by navigating through questions in key you can view solutions for each question. Your child can review the mistakes and learn from it. This will help in improving the test scores.

Students can take and retake the practice and tests as many times as needed.

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Students’ dashboard and Parent dashboard will show the Analytics on the number of times tests are taken and the time it took and more. This analysis will help them to practice more in the areas of need and improve the scores in real test.

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